Creeping In My Soul - EP
Creeping In My Soul EP


January 5, 2010


2008-2009, at Hansen Studios - Ribe, Denmark




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Voices Music & Entertainment
Cryoshell I/S

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Cryoshell (2010)

Creeping In My Soul is Cryoshell's first extended play. It was released onto iTunes on January 5, 2010 (even though it states on its purchase page it was released on January 1) for $0.99 per song or $3.99 for the whole EP.


No. Title Length
1. Creeping In My Soul 3:59
2. Bye Bye Babylon 4:37
3. Falling 4:26
4. Closer to the Truth (Take Me Home) 4:02
5. Murky 3:56


  • The songs from the EP also feature on Cryoshell's self-titled debut album.
  • The re-recorded versions of Creeping In My Soul and Closer To The Truth features on the EP.
  • Bye Bye Babylon is extended in this EP compaired to the single's length.
  • Closer To The Truth was renamed exclusivly for the EP to Closer to the Truth (Take Me Home). The song's original title remains on other releases.

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